Fiona Hunter is one of Scotland’s foremost traditional singers and is fast garnering a reputation as a highly gifted song interpreter.  Here are what the reviewers think.


Rob Adams, The Herald Scotland

“[…] she’s at the forefront of the younger generation.”

“Hunter’s strengths lie in a vocal tone that she varies to suit the mood of the song while always sounding like the real deal and her ability to project a genuine empathy with the characters she’s singing about.”


Sue Wilson, The Scotsman 

“Best known as a member of Malinky […]

Following in the formidable footsteps of Karine Polwart, Hunter proved her mettle immediately upon joining the band in 2005, and time has only continued to improve and enrich her singing […] delicately steeped in regret while emotively raw-edged, her voice at once firmly settled, or weighted, and dynamically fluid.”