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After nearly a decade as vocalist and cellist of award-winning folk band Malinky, Fiona Hunter is stepping out on her own and gaining a deserved reputation as one of the finest young singers on the Scottish folk music scene today, with her fresh interpretations of songs of her native Glasgow and of the Scottish Travellers.

In pursuit of the latter she has worked with members of the Fetterangus Stewart family, the last tradition-bearers of this celebrated folk song dynasty.

Her academic qualifications in the field are of the first order – a BA in Scottish Music from the Royal Scottish Academy and studies at the Smithsonian Institute in the USA – but it’s her passion and natural ability to inhabit her material that sets her apart.

“Hunter’s strengths lie in a vocal tone that she varies to suit the mood of the song while always sounding like the real deal and her ability to project a genuine empathy with the characters she’s singing about.” Rob Adams

“It’s a beguiling tapestry of sound which leaves you wanting more.” Matthew Linley


  1. The Braes O’Gleniffer
  2. The Weary Pund O’Tow
  3. The Cruel Mother
  4. Shift and Spin / The Shoemaker
  5. Young Emsley
  6. The Bleacher Lass O’KelvinHaugh / Fiona Hunter’s
  7. Ye Heilan Chiels
  8. The Laid O Drum
  9. Maccrimmons Lament
  10. Jock Hawks Adventures in Glasgow

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